Matcap Manager for Modo


Tested with Modo10.1v2+ / windows 10

Matcap Manager is a modo kit that will help you easily load & assign matcap shaders to the scene or selection. It also provides a modo scene in which you can easily render your own matcaps.


Tila Matcap Manager for Modo


To install the kit, you just have do drag-and-drop the .lpk file into Modo’s viewport and restart it.


  •  Access your matcap folder by clicking on
  • Copy your favorite one into it.
  • Clic on the `scan matcap folder button` to refrersh the list form
  • Clic on a matcap to assign to all items in the scene
  • Clic on the arrow icon to assign matcap to selected item(s) or polygon(s)
  • Toggle visibility of matcaps for the current scene
  • Get rid of all matcap contents created by the kit on your scene ( matcap shader and imported images )
  • Load modo scene to design and render matcap easily


Any suggestion or bug report, please contact me at